Archaeology and History are two of today's most popular interests, in fiction and in fact, in the cinema, and on television.

From "Time Team" to the Open University, there is more interest in Archaeology and History than ever before, despite some schools encouraging dropping history in preparation for GCSE exams. This part of the website deals with land-based archaeology sites visited in recent years, some to work on, and some simply to be there, and, often enough, be amazed at the ingenuity of mankind hundreds or even thousands of years ago, and with selected 20th Century history.

Recent UK Archaeology Dig


Gallipoli Visit 2012

Avebury Gardens Nature in 2012 Images from Scanned 6x6 and 35mm Film
Miletos Revisited Prienne Underwater Images
Didima Apollon Revisited Bodrum Underwater Videos Revised


Underwater Archaeology









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