The best thing you can do to achieve competence in archaeology associated with the Nautical world , without going to university is join the world-renowned and British based: Nautical Archaeology Society

Why are there three "terms" above? The field of "Nautical Archaeology" covers underwater sites, of course, but it is not restricted to sunken vessels. It includes sunken dockyards, and ship facilities, and sunken villages and settlements. It also includes sites that are not sunken at all - for example wood-yards long deserted, that were known to supply timber for ships. Thus - underwater, nautical, or marine - it's all the same really.

There is also the need to follow up the end of a ship's life where it was dismantled and the wood re-used. Housing, well structures, you may be amazed at where some very dry timbers originated. Recycling isn't new!

If you are not a diver - take heart! It also covers those wrecks we see when the tide goes out. So if you have an interest in "old ships" but do not dive, you have plenty to do. At least your chosen site can be reached every day without any more complicated equipment than waders or even "wellies"! Wrecks in deep water are rarely dived in comparison.

Then there is the study of the timbers used - type, age, use, later use... No diving involved in Dendrochronology (once you have the sample to hand).

Go to the NAS Site and consider joining, come along to an Introductory Course and consider joining. You will meet like-minded people, with and without formal training in Archaeology, who take this activity seriously and will welcome you to the fold. Training is excellent and varied.

Courses are run all year round, so your winter can be occupied too.

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