One Afternoon at Avebury - House, Gardens, and Stone Ring


Despite the short bursts of rain, the Manor and the Stone Circle received a great many visitors.


When the sun broke through the heat was indeed noticeable, and the showers, though heavy, were very short-lived.


The odd mix of weather that we have experienced in the UK appears to have left nature in no doubt that progress has to be made - right now! No time to waste.


Humble and worker bees were everywhere, their hind legs laden with pollen.


The water-lillies are doing their best to bloom, and the fish were seeking the shade, especially the large Ghost Koi that share the pond with imported and local Gold (or Gibel) Carp.


The locally bred often retain a duller, almost rusty appearance. Indeed one of the Ghost Koi has an unusual colour range.


The pond was suffering from a high algae growth.

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