East Berlin in 1980.

Some buildings still in ruins from 1945...

I believe these have since been fully restored, in a united Germany, and are reminders of how good an architect and designer Albert Speer was.

No visit is complete without some time spent in Treptower Park, the Russian war memorial. Ask for it by name there are two Russian memorials.

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This very impressive memorial to the taking of Berlin by Soviet troops in 1945 has to be visited to appreciate the scale of the endeavour. The figures on the plinths are larger than life-size. Under the carefully maintained lawns there are 5,000 Russian soldiers buried, upright, facing Moscow. In the "pedestal" at the far end is a mural that covers the entire domed surface. Only a small area can be captured, even on a wide angle lens. Above it is another huge statue of a Russian soldier - holding a child while crushing a swastika underfoot.







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