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Surface Photography & Archaeology

Surface photography and video from many locations, and surface archaeology.

Underwater Photography and Archaeology

Underwater photography and video from many locations.

The castle from the seafront...

Bodrum Castle,


Points of Interest


... and looking back from the Keep

coats of arms of many occupiers and, as you might expect ancient shipwreck cargos. Any heraldry buffs will have a fun day too...

Visit a full size reproduction of an amphora carrying vessel, and look over the cargo storing method

In the grounds there is wildlife - from Peacocks to mythical beasts...

Ancient floor mosaics, altar stones, abound

As with most of the Aegean/Mediterranean seas, there is an element of the middle ages occupations and the Holy Crusades period.

Visit the "English Tower", French Knights too

Modern Sculptures decorate the seafront areas of Bodrum.

Restaurants can be found to suit all tastes.


More Aegean Area Images... Miletos, Prienne, Didyma, and European Images are behind the links below:


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